Nicole Sellars; Camera Ready Collection Creator


Camera Ready Collection founder Nicole Sellars, CPC is a Native New Yorker and recent Atlanta transplant. Sellars is a veteran Actress, TV Host, Journalist, Producer and On Camera Coach with over 20 years experience in the TV & Film industry. She is also the Founder of TV Hosting Academy; training the next generation of hosts, broadcasters & content creators.

In addition to her on screen and coaching projects, which garners millions of readers in the TV & Film industry also named her Backstage Expert in the TV Hosting and Broadcast category. Sellars remains a Contributing Editor and has written close to a dozen expert advice articles for the publication.

Her love for make-up came at a very early age when she started acting in commercials at the age of 10. Since then she has experimented with all types of cosmetics and skincare products to find the right fit for her and her skin.

Trying to stay authentic to herself, Sellars always wanted to preserve a natural look while enhancing her most prominent features. Her mission is to help strong, powerful women feel comfortable in their own skin and confident to take on any role on or off screen.